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Jesse Herrera

Social Media Strategist

Jesse: (Cook time 9 months, aged 31 years, serves family of 4) Best for any occasion and enjoyed with loved ones.

  • 1 part loving spouse
  • 2 parts dad
  • 1/4 part sibling
  • Chocolate cake mix
  • Sprinkle in humor, creativity, loyalty, humility, passion, drive, dreamer and whimsical habits

Pour into human mold, cook until brown.

Add athletic sports super-fan, film addict, gamer nerd, passionate chef, dedicated friend, dad, child; and mix.

Top with Social Media Marketing
Decorate with many hats.

Serve according to occasion.

Jesse is the Social Media Director at Maverick Web Marketing and although personally hates Social Media, understands the power of it for businesses.

From running organic to paid Social Media campaigns and optimization, ranging from Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat to Twitter, and everything in-between, if you want to see success on Social Media, Jesse is your guy.