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Lori LeMoine

Marketing Manager

What do you get when you cross a female Texan, wife, mother, and digital marketer? A messy car, organized desktop, and waaaaayyyy too much coffee and sweet tea.

Lori blew into New Mexico from West Texas at an early age, and quickly fell in love NM’s beautiful sunsets and breezy mountains. She grew up in a small town near Albuquerque and still lives there today. The quiet little farm life she shares with her husband and 4 children is comfortable, albeit quite busy and sometimes a little loud.

Aside from her duties at home: head chef, event planner, maid extraordinaire, and chauffeur; she also works full time with her husband Mike at their digital marketing company in Albuquerque, Maverick Web Marketing.

Lori’s early work included being a 911 operator, EMT, and Teen Court Coordinator. After leaving her job at the county to join her husband, she has had a part in everything from HR, AR/AP, bookkeeping, scheduling, and has now moved into the realm of content and digital marketing. She enjoys working with the Creative Director to film daily web tv shows at Maverick, and collaborates closely with their graphic artists for marketing pieces within the company. She manages the company’s YouTube Channel, and creates content for the website and blog.

She has a strange addiction to children and animals, much to the dismay of her bank account, who pleads with her to stop coming home with a new living thing constantly. Her weirdness is displayed in the garage full of Mexican Axolotls that she breeds and sells. There is apparently no end to her compassion for all living creatures. There is, unfortunately, and an end to the feeding budgets and living quarters, which her husband must frequently remind her of.

Lori has no free time really, but enjoys watching her kids play several sports, and is a fan of all fantastical things. She would like all her friends to know that it’s necessary to check your locks atleast 3 times (or they’re not reeeaalllyy locked), and that that you just can’t over-plan things. Also, she’s not a ride-or-die person, she would like to know where she’s going and if there will be nachos involved.

Lastly, chances are if you’re reading this bio (on a website), she’s probably done her job well.