Is your website mobile-friendly enough?

If you are not sure how to answer this question, take your phone out and type in your business website URL. Do you like what you’re seeing? Albuquerque website marketing is on a new level now with website mobile responsive devices.

If the answer is yes, then way to go! But if the answer is no, or even if you’re unsure, then you have some work to do. You need to ask your Albuquerque marketing and website development team to make your website easy to use on mobile phone browsers. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Mobile usage exceeds desktop usage

According to an eMarketer survey, mobile usage finally exceeded desktop usage way back in 2014. Mobile browsing has continued to raise more every year.
So, if people land on your website and have a hard time navigating through it, they’re more likely to give up and leave your page. That means that you are wasting a large portion of your traffic. It’s crucial for Albuquerque businesses be open, available, and easy to contact via website mobile responsive devices.

2. Your website is a reflection of how you do business

People are very visual nowadays. If a website isn’t pleasing to the eye, it’s hard for a customer, client, or patient to continue browsing. How will he find out that you are the company who can fulfill his needs?
Your website is comparable to a store window. If it’s a window with half-dressed mannequins and broken sign displays, do you think customers will come in? I sure wouldn’t.
Your website has the responsibility of grabbing your users’ attention and making them stay to get to know you as a company.

3. The buyers’ workflow should be flawless on website mobile responsive

Say a customer believes that you have the product or the service he needs. He proceeds to check out but is having a hard time placing the order on his mobile device. What will he do? Will he try again after the third failed attempt? Or will he look somewhere else?
It’s easier for him to just move on.

Check your buyer purchasing flow on mobile browsers too. See if the buttons work and whether the checkout forms are responsive and easy to fill in.

Make sure that your website loads and functions properly on mobile so that you don’t lose customers. You can also use online tools like to check your website on different screen resolutions.

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