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Got 5-star reviews from clients?

Great! You can use these to further boost your business online. When you receive these perfect reviews, don’t just smile and let them sit there.

These reviews are powerful, as they come from your clients—people your potential customers can relate to. They may have a similar situation or a common interest that prompts them to dig out your business. For all businesses in Albuquerque, reputation marketing is a powerful tool for attracting new customers, clients, and patients.

Go to your Google Plus page, Facebook page, Yelp (if you’re listed there), or any other online platform where your business is published. Start looking for 5-star reviews.

When you have picked the best ones, try out some of the following ways to leverage 5-star reviews and get more traffic to your website:


Post it on social media

The very least you can do is share that review on Facebook or tweet it. It’s very easy and doesn’t take much time.

To make it more attractive, you can create a text image out of it. Some companies paste a screenshot of an e-mail, text, or comment.


Create a story out of it

If a review really stands out, you can ask your marketing guys to create a story out of it. The story should highlight how your product or service helped customers.

Be creative. You can create a video, a short advertisement, or even ask the customers to re-tell their story in front of a camera.


Compile reviews and re-share

For a bigger impact on your Albuquerque reputation marketing, you can compile your reviews and re-share the compilation on social media.

On the Facebook page, you can create a photo album and add the 5-star reviews as text images. And on Pinterest, you can create an album. When you’re using YouTube, you can create a video featuring a couple of your clients storytelling their testimonials.

Sharing what your clients loved about your business or product can generate more traffic to your website. Just make sure that when you do this, you have asked permission from the customers who posted to avoid any legal issues that could potentially come up.


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