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Have you tried uploading an image for Facebook ads only to find out that your image was not accepted because you have violated the 20% text rule? Get your images approved with this tip from Maverick Web Marketing, the top Facebook marketing company.

Are you familiar with Facebook’s 20% text rule? It is a rule implemented in which the text in an ad image should only cover 20% at most. Any number exceeding that will get rejected.


Grid Tool Usage – Facebook Marketing Company

The rule was carried out with the use of a grid tool where the image will be divided into parts. If your image has a 5 x 5 grid, the text should only cover only five squares at most. More than that and your ad will get rejected.

This rule made most of the people upset. They find that the tool that approves or rejects their image is inconsistent. Some of the ads displayed on Facebook had over 50% text but was still posted.

This new rule determines your audience reach. Facebook will categorize your image based on the percentage of the text that covers your ad image. The Facebook marketing company created the Text Overlay Tool.

  • High Image Text will receive a warning and Facebook may not run your ad. We advise you to cut off some of the text.
  • Medium Image Text will also receive a warning. Facebook will charge you for a higher cost per reach.
  • Low Image Text will still receive a warning. And your ad’s reach will be slightly lower than the usual.
  • OK Image Text where ad’s cost is on the lower cost possible per result. And you’ll be able to have the maximum reach as well.

The OK Image Text is the best goal to maximize your reach at the lowest possible price.

Tips that Facebook has iterated on their Help Page for your Ad to be approved:

  • Use minimal text
  • Reduce the size of the font
  • Use a text box rather than applying the text on top of the image
  • Don’t spread the text out over the image

It is better to use images with minimal text. For any supplementary information just include text in the actual Facebook post instead.


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