Web Video Marketing Platforms – YouTube VS Facebook

For internet marketing in Albuquerque, YouTube has long been regarded as the world’s biggest video platform. But all that is about to change. Given that Facebook has upped their web video marketing game recently. Huge progress has been made over the past few months ranging from video embeds to larger file upload capacity.

Take advantage of these Facebook video features and don’t share your marketing video from YouTube on Facebook. Upload your videos on Facebook itself.

Here are a few important reasons why:

Facebook Native Videos Have The Larger Thumbnail

Notice the difference in appearance between a natively uploaded video on Facebook and a shared YouTube video on Facebook. A native video upload has a larger video thumbnail and making it more visually appealing. While shared YouTube videos are 75% smaller and they’re just square thumbnails with a distracting play button in the center. They have bigger video title texts which occupy the majority of the space.

These visual differences, it is expected that native videos grab more attention to the user. And this can make them more likely to play the video. Browse your Facebook news feed and see the differences yourself.

Facebook Favors Facebook

Facebook is more likely to display its own videos rather than 3rd party links in the news feed. Their algorithm works to their advantages. The simplicity of liking, reacting, commenting, and sharing on Facebook makes it easier for a native video to reach more people. The more exposure the more chance of the video getting noticed by your targeted customers and clients in Albuquerque.

Facebook shows the number of video views below its native videos but with YouTube-shared videos, there is no statistic. If people see a large number of views they are more curious to find out what the video is about.

Albuquerque Web Video Marketing Services

“Do you need to choose one platform?”
“No. Who says you need to choose?”

We’re not telling you to stop uploading your marketing videos on YouTube. Continue uploading them there for those subscribers. We recommend that you upload your Albuquerque marketing videos on Facebook. And reupload it again for more views, viral shares and translating to more traffic to your website.

Don’t forget to place call-to-action links or instructions in your video!

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