How To Shoot Video With Your Smartphone

According to Cisco, a video will account for 69% of all consumer traffic by 2017. Consumers are favoring online videos as a means of getting information and for entertainment. Smartphone video is quicker, more dynamic, and easily created. The best thing is, anyone can learn how to shoot video on your smartphone.

This explains the flare-up of video data online. You can find them almost everywhere—on Facebook, on websites, and even on apps. As a business owner, you should be able to produce professional videos to market your business. However, most marketers commit one mistake in particular when shooting videos: holding their smartphones upright.

Yes, a simple thing to change, but not doing so results in an unappealing and unattractive video. Here’s what to do instead: shoot video with your smartphone sideways.

“Why shoot with your smartphone sideways?”

It will remove the ugly black sidebars

Capturing videos with your smartphone upright results in narrow videos with ugly black bars on the sides. These bars can be distracting. Plus, the narrow screen limits your space. You may end up with a zoomed-out video of the presenter.
This also may say to your customers, clients, and patients that you do not make a good enough effort to provide them with a nice video. This may give the impression that your business won’t work very hard for them in other areas either.


Wider videos look more professional

On the other hand, wider videos look a lot better. You can have a close-up take of the person while still leaving enough room for a pleasant background. The smartphone video feels more relaxed, projecting a sense of authority to your viewers. That way, they will really pay attention to the message of your video.


Smartphones can film in HD

Your smartphone can record 1080p HD. It’s natural that you should put this advantage to good use. If your phone cannot record HD, maybe it’s time to invest in one that can. Marketing videos have better ROI than text-only campaigns, so it’s always in your best interest to take any extra (and easy) steps you can.


Albuquerque Professional Smartphone Video Shoot

Remember, you don’t need high-end cameras if you are just starting out learning how to shoot smartphone video. You can end up with a quality video that fits enough of your marketing needs, with equipment you probably already have.

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