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In our industry especially, it can be difficult to cut through the hype and find qualified marketing professionals who can actually deliver. We are the trusted partner for many companies, individuals, and organizations when it comes to online marketing, but don’t just take our word for it.

We are the only company in our industry that does a daily Web TV show that teaches business owners how to do better online. We have over 1,100 Episodes online!

Our owner is a #1 Best Selling Author of “How to Get More 5 Star Reviews” and presents around the country helping businesses market better online which results in more prospect, clients, customers and patients for their businesses.

Below you will see many different ways to check us out to make sure we are the right company to partner with.

Our 5 Star Google Ratings:

The Most 5 Star Reviews In Albuquerque

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Steven Simpson

Maverick has been very instrumental in the success of our business. They have taken our visibility and outreach to a level that I didn’t think was possible! From website development to video production, we would absolutely not be where we are at without them. We owe a major facet of our success to Maverick. They have our absolute highest recommendation possible. Thank you Maverick to paving our road to success! Steven Simpson, President, Total Asset Managers LLC.

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Maverick’s review system worked great! In a year we went from 1 review to over 40 5-star reviews on google. I highly recommend their service!

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Nancy Alexander

We filmed some instructional, how-to videos in my studio. I wanted these videos to really look professional. They needed an introduction and several other elements throughout. I am amazed that they look so professional! Maverick Web Marketing did an excellent job and I look forward to using them again!

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Tammy Byrd

Maverick Web Marketing built an awesome website for us. They listened to us and created a masterpiece that far exceeded our expectations. Their ongoing support is of the greatest value to us. They are responsive, easy to communicate with and understand, and are very customer satisfaction driven. We have asked them to incorporate a few features and functions to our web-site that are custom to our business model and they provided an end result as if they had done it a thousand times before. If there was a 6th and 7th star I could give them, I would. This is one company you will not be sorry you invested with! Tammy Byrd Total Asset Managers, LLC

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Kathleen Rhodes

I was impressed by “Fireman Mike’s” video about the ease of using Google Apps for email. It’s something I had tried to set up on my own, without success. I ended up working with Sean Fonseca at Maverick Web Marketing, who not only set it up but also provided some screencast videos to walk me through the next steps. I can’t say enough positive things about these guys! I expect to refer some colleagues to them soon.

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Gordon Mitchell

Mike and his crew are “head & shoulders” above everyone else when it comes to web marketing and using “outside the box” techniques to increase your marketing effectiveness.I had heard him give several public presentations that included some very unique strategies. Because of the information that he presented in those free public presentations, I met with him for a paid Consultation. The feedback and advice I received was invaluable. We are structuring some new campaigns that I am sure will be effective.
Thank you, Mike.

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Audrey Joubert

Maverick has helped our business all the way over here in Zimbabwe, Africa to start turning around! Their team is amazing to work with! They have never let the distance get in the way of producing outstanding results for our marketing. A huge thank you to all you guys at Maverick.
If you are wanting to get your business in front of the right audience, with the right message, I would recommend Maverick without a doubt!

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Clarence Fisher

Maverick did an excellent job on our latest website project. They were knowledgeable, professional and fast! They took the time to ask questions and make sure I understood everything that needed to be done before beginning. Then they did more than they said they would do. I’m impressed. Thanks Mike. I will recommend to others.

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Tim Fahndrich

I love working with Mike and his team. Not only are they really smart about internet marketing and video, but they really over-deliver on their products and services. I recently had the opportunity to begin working with Maverick on a system they had put together and I have been very pleased with the results that we get on a regular basis because of it. Thank you Mike and team.

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Tamela Lewis

Mike’s willingness to engage in a discussion and his ability to listen was one of the best demonstrated skills I have seen in twenty years of business. Incredibly impressive. He was honest in his evaluation of what MWM could do for my business. His input was thorough, knowledgeable, and accurate. Very astute. And greatly appreciated.
Tamela Lewis, Smart and Heart

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Dean Ford

We fell very lucky to have found Maverick Web Marketing. Mike and his staff are first class. We have found the entire staff very reliable, knowledgeable and caring in terms of customer service. Mikes team has become an integral part of our business. Keep up the good work!!

an american man with a some gray hairs in his head and beard, he is wearing a gray shirt and behind him are some leaves and branches.

Greg Purdy

Mike LeMoine knows his stuff! Having a basic understanding of what you want is one thing – Knowing how to achieve results is something altogether different. Maverick Web Marketing not only knows what works, they know how and WHY it works. They know why things you’re doing are not currently working, and they know how to make corrections. Forget trial and error – Your money will be far better spent hiring Maverick Web Marketers to do it right the first time!

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Paige Thompson

The team at Maverick web Marketing are amazing! They have recently done our website for my flower shop and I am so very pleased with what they have done. They know what they are doing and I am seeing such great results. Thank you Maverick Team!

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Nehal Kazim

Maverick is exceptionally good at proactively marketing and growing businesses. Mike and his team really know their stuff and I consult with them frequently about proven strategies I can implement in my business.

I highly recommend Maverick!

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Steve Sleeper

I spent years looking for an Internet marketing company with the skill sets Maverick has. They take the time to get to know your needs first and are all about being of service – first and foremost. Maverick Web Marketing is truly an Internet marketing partner.

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Scott Cunningham

Mike & the Maverick Marketing team are true local marketing rock stars! I consider Mike as one of my top online local marketing mentors. I appreciate Mike for his depth and breadth of marketing knowledge as well as his character. He has earned my trust and business. I look forward to working with Mike for a long time. I would highly recommend Maverick Marketing for you local marketing needs.

a white man with a neat army cut staring at the camera, he's wearing a black polo shirt.

Kyle Battis

I’ve been following Mike’s work since I launched my own web marketing agency and I have always been impressed with the work that he and his team put out. He sets the bar high and leaves a great path for me and other local marketers to follow.

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Steven Nelson

We have been using Maverick Web for almost a year and the results are outstanding! We were ranked first on most searches unusually fast and we have stayed there. Our customer traffic is up so high that we already need to expand our showroom. Our new customers used to come in very standoffish and now come in expecting to explore the different spas. Its like they already know us before they begin shopping. If you work with these guys expect to do your part getting the website rolling then stand back and watch your business grow.
Steve Nelson
Hot Tubs Albuquerque

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Jesse Erickson

Mike is highly regarded in the Online Marketing industry – I have been to events and seen him teach other marketers. He is a thought leader and you are lucky if you have the opportunity to work with him!

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David Crum

“Mike and the gang at Maverick handle all of the Facebook and video marketing for our law firm, New Mexico Legal Group. Not only great services and products, but really fun people to work with. Keep up the great work guys!”

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Jason Bell

The team at Maverick marketing are a superb group of people that have a ‘givers’ heart. We had a 20 minute brainstorming session on areas I needed help with, and they willingly provided their time and knowledge as we found great solutions to the issues I was facing in growing my business. I highly recommend the Maverick team for any future business consulting. Thank you all! -Jason

an indian looking man smiling at the camera, he's wearing a purple long sleeve polo and a black tie, behind him an office place background.

Ron Patel

The team at Maverick Web Marketing is First Class! I’ve never met a more professional, driven, fun and knowledgeable team that just purely gets results. They will give you the maximum ROI on your marketing dollar… You can’t afford NOT to work with this amazing team.

an american man wearing a blue suit with a white under shirt, behind him are some leaves and branches.

Marshall LeMoine

Shot more than 200 videos over 4 days with Maverick Web Marketing, and everything turned out great. Michael, Sean and the rest of the staff with very helpful and true professionals. Thanks for all your hard work and time!

an asian man smiling at the camera, he's wearing a checkered polo, behind him are some picture frames and a cabinet.

Mike Wong

We went to film videos and working with the team was awesome. Long hours, making sure things were perfect…. definitely made it worth our trip! Great guys.

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Anne LeMoine

Great group that are very hardworking! They were very patient and worked with us to make the end result exactly what we wanted. Thanks for a great time guys!

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Andy Warren

Four or five years ago Mike sent an email to all the painters in town telling them they are “dumb” because his fake paint company “Duke City Painting” was ranked higher than them on Google. He said he would work with one paint company and put them on the top of the Google search list. I hired him first and have been working with Mike (and I have been on top of Google) since then. Mike and his team are the front runners on the internet marketing scene. He is always calling or emailing to let me know what has changed and how we can take advantage of it. I have and will continue to recommend Maverick Web Marketing to anyone who has a business and needs internet exposure.


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