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Facebook Marketing Company ABQ – Following Text Rules and Guidelines

Have you tried uploading an image for Facebook ads only to find out that your image is not acceptable because you violated the 20% text rule?

Learn how to get those images approved with this trip from Maverick Web Marketing, the top Facebook marketing company.

Are you familiar with Facebook’s 20% test rule? Apparently, people are upset about this rule. They find that the tool that approves or rejects their image is inconsistent, because they’re finding some displayed ads with over 50% text.

Facebook has created a whole new system for allowing ads that would’ve been rejected under the old policy. They now have a Text Overlay Tool that determines if your ad image is acceptable or not.

For your ad to be approved, we’re sharing the tips that Facebook has iterated on their Help page:

  • Use minimal text
  • Reduce the size of the font
  • Use a text box rather than applying the text on top of the image
  • Don’t spread the text out over the image

Images with minimal text are usually better. For any supplementary information, you can just include text in the actual Facebook post instead.

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