Mark Ravelo

Video Editor and Motion Graphics Specialist

Mark started editing video many years ago after a friend at church introduced him to it. Mark fell in love his ability to craft stories through editing. What started as simple cuts and small edits with video transformed into a skillset of editing and motion graphics that has allowed him to build an impactful career.

Mark has been a team member with Maverick since early 2017 and loves working on the large variety of projects that we have. He enjoys the challenge of learning and mastering the many different styles of editing including explainer videos, direct to camera shoot, interview style, and many more.

He looks at each video as a challenge and finds ways to make an impact with the clients marketing through creating great videos that get results. He loves the ability to take an idea and breathe life into it through the power of editing.

Mark is 5’2″ tall from bottom to top and vice versa (if you’d like to double check.) He is the proud owner of one of the most popular Filipino nicknames: Macmac. He’s the second of four healthy siblings whose nicknames can be remembered best through this riddle: “Jaybee’s mother has four children: Macmac, Micmic and Mocmoc. What is the fourth one’s name?”

Mark loves to travel to and collect fridge magnets from various locations and Asian countries. If asked where he’d love to go, he’d say “Japan.” When he is not busy crafting amazing videos for our clients you can usually find mark serving at his church where he is tasked with organizing large events.