We Are The Trusted Partner For Many Companies, Individuals, and Organizations When It Comes to Successful Marketing.

but don’t just take our word for it…

Ginger Gaye Hallowell

Mike changed a button on my homepage from testimonials to reviews. I got my first lead and close from my webpage! They told me they called me because they like my reviews. Mike knows marketing! My old web designer did not.

Lisa Petty

Lori is awesome to work with! She helped me to create a vision for my online marketing. She was very thorough and passionate with her consultative approach. She definitely knows what she is talking about and an expert in her field. Thanks for your time Lori and sharing of knowledge in your industry!

Ryan Peterson

Went to a national conference and Mike LeMoine gave a presentation on using social media to run a contest/give away. The information Mike provided was extremely helpful and we incorporated this information into a very successful contest campaign! Since the conference we have followed Mike on social media and the information he shares is very informative and has helped our business tremendously. We highly recommend Maverick Web Marketing!!!!!!!

Joe Griego

Maverick is simply the BEST in the business. CEO Mike LoMoine is educated, thoughtful, well spoken, and loyal. With his teams help, I was able to boost sales tremendously! This team goes above and beyond and their communication is quick and precise. I give my whole hearted recommendation. If you want to become the best in your business arena, hire these guys!

Tracey McClain

Maverick Web Marketing has helped us get our new storage company filled up. I would highly recommend their services to any business. Easy to work with and very responsive.

Georgette Lombardo

I was part of a marketing education group called Local Marketing Live but was originally Power Circle. Mike and his team took over in the last year and it went to the next level. He has experience and it’s not just theory. This is what he and his team do day in and day out, successfully I might add! The correct marketing strategies to grow your business.

When I joined over 2.5 years ago I had recently opened my own business. This group taught me a great deal on the right way to market myself and my business to attract my ideal client. It is not something that happens overnight but takes time. This group gave me the tools and helped me feel more confident. Networking is a by-product of this group, it was much more about the education. I still have things to implement over time that I learned here. If you are just starting out, you couldn’t find a better group to help you succeed.

George Thompson

Over 10 years. That’s how long I have known and trusted the team at Maverick to help me with online marketing. They have only gotten better as they have grown over the past decade.

The results that they were able to obtain when I hired them on one occasion blew the doors off of local competitors. These other companies easily had marketing budgets that were 100x what we had as a small biz.

Maverick is the real deal especially when it comes to doing in their own business what they also do for others. I personally don’t know anyone on the planet that knows more about local business marketing. Seriously.

You can trust them. I do 110%!!

George Thompson
Thompson Online Services
Knoxville, TN


We hired Maverick Web Marketing to produce a series of videos for our new website at Mednet and the entire experience was pleasant and professional. Their staff, in particular; Sean, Lori and Mike, were so helpful throughout the process. It can be a nerve-wracking task to be interviewed on camera, but they kept us calm and comfortable, and the end results were better than we expected. I highly recommend them if you need video assistance!

Diana Hakenholz

Mike Lemoine gave a valuable presentation to our members on the art and science of digital marketing for our business development educational forum. My attendees left with many ideas on how they can increase their online visibility. In addition, they were able to take away tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their digital and understand the analytics.

Diana Hakenholz, CMP
Director of Meetings and Education
Association of Collegiate Conference & Events Directors-International

Trey Cockrum

Mike is a consistent deliverer of results for his clients. No beating around the bush. He doesn’t take shortcuts and always values the success of his clients’ businesses over his personal profit margins, which sets him apart in the digital marketing industry, and makes him easily the most attractive marketing agency in the state. He’s been fantastic to work with, and I’m excited for you to get to work with him. If you’re on the fence, take the plunge. You won’t regret it in the slightest.

Daniel Leake

The Maverick team produced helped me create several dozen videos to use on my website. It was clear they had thought through every detail and made the couple days of shooting so so simple for me.

The team is kind and professional.

We recorded several dozen videos then their team gave me edited versions quickly that look great. I’m very happy I went with Maverick.

Plus–they were able to do some other graphics work for me that turned out awesome!

I’ll definitely be calling them again for my next project.

Rob Weinstein

Few people have an outstanding knowledge of marketing and also a proven track record of measurable success. Mike LeMoine has both. He’s a fountain of knowledge and he has a proven track record that’s quite impressive.

I’ve heard many people spout off about the latest marketing approaches but I always question if they have ever successfully marketed anything other than info on “how to market.”

It’s the same feeling I got in college when listening to college professors talking about business and questioning if they’ve ever actually been in the trenches and had any actual success or if they were just preaching “theory.”

I have been lucky enough to know Mike LeMoine as a colleague in mastermind groups and as his customer for the past 5 years.

Mike has been responsible for scripting and producing sales videos, he’s helped with our website sales conversions, his team manages our Adwords and even produces a weekly YouTube video channel for my company. He’s even helped at our national conferences on multiple levels and handles our social media advertising. In short, Mike has built an amazing turnkey marketing factory that’s second to none.

If you need help implementing marketing or need someone that can do it for you, there is no one better qualified than Mike and his company maverick web marketing.

I’m also very excited that he’s taking the reins at PowerCircle. He’s a perfect fit and a huge asset to companies that can participate.

Morgan McCall

Thanks Morgan! We appreciate the trust and the great partnership we have had for over a decade! It is awesome to watch the business grow!


Maverick’s review system worked great! In a year we went from 1 review to over 40 5-star reviews on google. I highly recommend their service!

Tammy Byrd

Maverick Web Marketing built an awesome website for us. They listened to us and created a masterpiece that far exceeded our expectations. Their ongoing support is of the greatest value to us. They are responsive, easy to communicate with and understand, and are very customer satisfaction driven. We have asked them to incorporate a few features and functions to our web-site that are custom to our business model and they provided an end result as if they had done it a thousand times before. If there was a 6th and 7th star I could give them, I would. This is one company you will not be sorry you invested with!

Tammy Byrd
Total Asset Managers, LLC

Audrey Joubert

Maverick has helped our business all the way over here in Zimbabwe, Africa to start turning around! Their team is amazing to work with! They have never let the distance get in the way of producing outstanding results for our marketing. A huge thank you to all you guys at Maverick.

If you are wanting to get your business in front of the right audience, with the right message, I would recommend Maverick without a doubt!

Steve Sleeper

I spent years looking for an Internet marketing company with the skill sets Maverick has. They take the time to get to know your needs first and are all about being of service – first and foremost. Maverick Web Marketing is truly an Internet marketing partner.

Gordon Mitchell

Mike and his crew are “head & shoulders” above everyone else when it comes to web marketing and using “outside the box” techniques to increase your marketing effectiveness.I had heard him give several public presentations that included some very unique strategies. Because of the information that he presented in those free public presentations, I met with him for a paid Consultation. The feedback and advice I received was invaluable. We are structuring some new campaigns that I am sure will be effective.
Thank you, Mike.

Gordon Mitchell

Holly Thompson

Mike and his team at Maverick have been a huge help to our family owned business over the past ten+ years. They are a local businesses best friend!! Gladly recommend other local businesses to use Maverick!!

Amy Adams

Mike and Lori are fantastic to work with. They helped us create a piece to use at a College Job Fair. Our ideas were all over the map. Mike really helped drill down who we were targeting, what our messaging was and developing a call to action. Not only were we able to use it at the job fair, we can use it or future recruiting as well.

dena crain

I have had the pleasure of hearing Mike LeMoine speak twice and each time took away valuable information. Mike is an excellent speaker and has excellent knowledge and experience in the Marketing world. I look forward to hearing him speak again in the future.

Marcos Sanchez

It has been a pleasure meeting and working with Maverick Web Marketing the owners and staff have been really resourceful in helping and improving ways to have my company reach our goals Mike and Lori and staff we at Sanchez Investigation Services value your commitments and friendship as we value you as our extended family I highly recommend Maverick Web Marketing for any type of Web services or building any services need for your business.

Marcos I. Sanchez
President CEO of Sanchez Investigation Services

Mace Kochenderfer

I’ve had the pleasure to have an ongoing relationship with Maverick over the past few years. Mike, Lori, Sean and the others have been awesome every time. EVERY TIME!

Their top-shelf design and technical expertise is equally matched by the level of service. It is rare to find such honest and caring business partners. When such caliber is found, they easily stand out amongst the rest. If a company (which is just a group of people with a focus) perform at the level that Maverick Web Marketing does, success is inevitable.

I wish the team at Maverick Web Marketing the greatest of success. If I could give them more stars I would!

Thanks guys… I appreciate you.

North Eastern Association of Residents

Mike LeMoine spoke to our group of representatives from Neighborhood Associations in our area of the city. Talk about a group of newbies! Wow. Mike was not just deeply knowledgeable about the topic of how to increase membership in our groups via social media, he was patient with our newbie questions, explaining step-by-step what/why/how to do this or that, and on which platform. He left us with a clear game plan of how we could proceed to create our associations’ own presence on social media. I cannot recommend him to you more highly! He’s GREAT!

Sean Staples

Mike and team are great to work with. If you are looking for results you are in the right place.

Brady Pofahl

I have been working with Maverick Web Marketing for several years after going through bad experiences with other national legal marketing companies. I spent years trying to increase my client base and web presence but it seemed like every time a national company would complete their marketing and I would sign up for a large contract- they would proceed to forget about my website while still charging me thousands of dollars a month. I could not be happier that I went with Maverick and Mike LeMoine.

Mike has been nothing but straightforward and has developed my website, utilized his other marketing connections to help my business, managed ad campaigns, and gives me video updates about the performance of my website and the ads I am running. The most important part about my experience is that Mike has done everything he said he would do without asking me to sign a long-term contract. His performance has made it a long-term contract.

Michael Barker

Have personally worked with Maverick to improve my own LLC, and am still reaping the benefits. We appreciate them very much – very recommended!

Tobias Lucero

Very professional and knowledgeable staff! They helped get my company’s name spread across the country and now we have several overseas customers purchasing products from us in New Mexico!

Chris Leake

Top notch marketing experts! That’s what I have to say about the team at Maverick. They worked with us on a large video project a little while back, and they were very skilled, knowledgeable, friendly, and they went the extra mile.

I have known Mike for several years now. Any time I need help or insight with marketing a local business, Maverick has been my go-to for as long as I’ve known them. These guys know their stuff inside and out, they have a wealth of experience working with many different types of businesses, and they stay on top of the constantly changing trends on the internet.

I give them my highest recommendation! When it comes to marketing for a local business, in my opinion there’s no one better.

justin poff

Awesome people to work with. Always full of good ideas and there to help you when toy need it!!

Stacy Blackwell

I worked with Jesse and he was amazing every step of the process. From explaining the project to how to see the final product, their customer service was incredible. The product was incredible too, but the help along the way made me a believer!

Nancy Alexander

We filmed some instructional, how-to videos in my studio. I wanted these videos to really look professional. They needed an introduction and several other elements throughout. I am amazed that they look so professional! Maverick Web Marketing did an excellent job and I look forward to using them again!

Kathleen Rhodes

I was impressed by “Fireman Mike’s” video about the ease of using Google Apps for email. It’s something I had tried to set up on my own, without success. I ended up working with Sean Fonseca at Maverick Web Marketing, who not only set it up but also provided some screencast videos to walk me through the next steps. I can’t say enough positive things about these guys! I expect to refer some colleagues to them soon.

Tim Fahndrich

I love working with Mike and his team. Not only are they really smart about internet marketing and video, but they really over-deliver on their products and services. I recently had the opportunity to begin working with Maverick on a system they had put together and I have been very pleased with the results that we get on a regular basis because of it. Thank you Mike and team.

Jesse Erickson

Mike is highly regarded in the Online Marketing industry – I have been to events and seen him teach other marketers. He is a thought leader and you are lucky if you have the opportunity to work with him!

Clarence Fisher

Maverick did an excellent job on our latest website project. They were knowledgeable, professional and fast! They took the time to ask questions and make sure I understood everything that needed to be done before beginning. Then they did more than they said they would do. I’m impressed. Thanks Mike. I will recommend to others.

Greg Purdy

Mike LeMoine knows his stuff! Having a basic understanding of what you want is one thing – Knowing how to achieve results is something altogether different. Maverick Web Marketing not only knows what works, they know how and WHY it works. They know why things you’re doing are not currently working, and they know how to make corrections. Forget trial and error – Your money will be far better spent hiring Maverick Web Marketers to do it right the first time!

Jason Bell

The team at Maverick marketing are a superb group of people that have a ‘givers’ heart. We had a 20 minute brainstorming session on areas I needed help with, and they willingly provided their time and knowledge as we found great solutions to the issues I was facing in growing my business. I highly recommend the Maverick team for any future business consulting. Thank you all! -Jason

Marshall LeMoine

Shot more than 200 videos over 4 days with Maverick Web Marketing, and everything turned out great. Michael, Sean and the rest of the staff with very helpful and true professionals. Thanks for all your hard work and time!

Anne LeMoine

Great group that are very hardworking! They were very patient and worked with us to make the end result exactly what we wanted. Thanks for a great time guys!

Philip Thompson

Mike and his team are the best of the best at what they do. I’ve seen firsthand the effectiveness of their strategies and would recommend any business owner to hire them.

David Crum

“Mike and the gang at Maverick handle all of the Facebook and video marketing for all three of our law firms, New Mexico Legal Group, Nebraska Legal Group, and Colorado Legal Group. Not only great services and products, but really fun people to work with. Mike also does a Local Marketing Live event each month that ALL entrepreneurs should check out at least once, where he teaches the most cutting edge marketing techniques available for small businesses. Keep up the great work guys!”

Tony Pino

Maverick was great to work with. Their efforts helped us raise over $140,000 for New Mexico’s children at our NM Governors Charity Ball.

Spencer Lewallen

I have worked with the team at Maverick Web Marketing for over 5 years and have always found them to be knowledgeable, friendly and innovative. The Power Circle education is outstanding. Highly recommend!

Frank DeMaria

Mike is fantastic to work with! I cannot explain enough how much value he provided to me and my team. He was thoughtful, listened, and was honest. After my conversation with Mike things became a lot more clearer. I suggest any business to check out Maverick Web Marketing!

Paul Tucker

Maverick has been helping with my web marketing strategies for many years. They are a great place to get help whether you know what you are doing or not. They offer individualized attention and will help you build a great plan for your business to succeed.

Sue Pruett

I’ve known Mike for several years, now, and found him and his team to be both trustworthy AND great at what they do! He’s consulted with me on several occasions, and has helped my business tremendously. He’s my go-to for all questions and challenges around internet marketing.

Val Romero

Mike & his team at Maverick are ALL about helping the small business owner get better at selling their product or service. The entire team are experts at what they do. I appreciate Mike, his depth of knowledge, insights and willingness to share everything he knows to make your marketing rock. Thank you Maverick Web Marketing!

Larry Espinoza

Not only are the gang from Maverick a team players, they are honest and efficient. Not only do they do what they say they are going to do… they explain the process and communicate with you through out. Thank you Maverick!

Yvonne Duran

Absolutely the most informative and helpful resource for business knowledge available at such a convenient venue…. the web short clips have been influential and formative. I cannot thank Mike enough and his team for sharing such great tips and helping me see such improvement in my business experience.

Tony Sandlin

The entire team is awesome to work with. Mike Came to our annual meeting at Balloon Fiesta and gave an awesome presentation of Social Media! So awesome we are exploring the possibility of using them again!

TONY, Professional Balloon Ride Operators

Venessa Chavez

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike and Lori LeMoine. They are a power couple who love to empower small business owners to take their business to the next level. Their recent review of our recruiting video left us inspired to take our work to the next level. With their help we have a solid commercial which has helped us recruit the high caliber professionals we want on our team! Thanks it has been a pleasure working with you! We will be back!

Bouncing Buddies

We had the pleasure of meeting the Maverick Web Marketing team in New Orleans last week. After a short conversation with these guys I knew it was a good fit for us. I’ve gotten more training out of a 2 hour phone call with them than anything else we’ve ever done. Excited about moving forward with this team.

Steven Simpson

Maverick has been very instrumental in the success of our business. They have taken our visibility and outreach to a level that I didn’t think was possible! From website development to video production, we would absolutely not be where we are at without them. We owe a major facet of our success to Maverick. They have our absolute highest recommendation possible. Thank you Maverick to paving our road to success! Steven Simpson, President, Total Asset Managers LLC.

Tamela Lewis

Mike’s willingness to engage in a discussion and his ability to listen was one of the best demonstrated skills I have seen in twenty years of business. Incredibly impressive. He was honest in his evaluation of what MWM could do for my business. His input was thorough, knowledgeable, and accurate. Very astute. And greatly appreciated.

Tamela Lewis
Smart and Heart

Dean Ford

We feel very lucky to have found Maverick Web Marketing. Mike and his staff are first class. We have found the entire staff very reliable, knowledgeable and caring in terms of customer service. Mikes team has become an integral part of our business. Keep up the good work!!

Kyle Battis

I’ve been following Mike’s work since I launched my own web marketing agency and I have always been impressed with the work that he and his team put out. He sets the bar high and leaves a great path for me and other local marketers to follow.

Nehal Kazim

Maverick is exceptionally good at proactively marketing and growing businesses. Mike and his team really know their stuff and I consult with them frequently about proven strategies I can implement in my business.

I highly recommend Maverick!

scott cunningham

Mike & the Maverick Marketing team are true local marketing rock stars! I consider Mike as one of my top online local marketing mentors. I appreciate Mike for his depth and breadth of marketing knowledge as well as his character. He has earned my trust and business. I look forward to working with Mike for a long time. I would highly recommend Maverick Marketing for you local marketing needs.

Andy Warren

Four or five years ago Mike sent an email to all the painters in town telling them they are “dumb” because his fake paint company “Duke City Painting” was ranked higher than them on Google. He said he would work with one paint company and put them on the top of the Google search list. I hired him first and have been working with Mike (and I have been on top of Google) since then. Mike and his team are the front runners on the internet marketing scene. He is always calling or emailing to let me know what has changed and how we can take advantage of it. I have and will continue to recommend Maverick Web Marketing to anyone who has a business and needs internet exposure.

Mike Wong

We went to film videos and working with the team was awesome. Long hours, making sure things were perfect…. definitely made it worth our trip! Great guys.

Jamie Thompson

The team at Maverick web Marketing are amazing! They have recently done our website for my flower shop and I am so very pleased with what they have done. They know what they are doing and I am seeing such great results. Thank you Maverick Team!

Steve Nelson

We have been using Maverick Web for almost a year and the results are outstanding! We were ranked first on most searches unusually fast and we have stayed there. Our customer traffic is up so high that we already need to expand our showroom. Our new customers used to come in very standoffish and now come in expecting to explore the different spas. Its like they already know us before they begin shopping. If you work with these guys expect to do your part getting the website rolling then stand back and watch your business grow.

Steve Nelson
Hot Tubs Albuquerque