Sean Fonseca

Creative Director and Director of Operations

Sean, our resident “White African,” is our Director of Operations and runs our Creative Department, all while promoting general awesomeness everywhere he goes.

Sean was born and raised in a Southern African country, called Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is roughly 25 times smaller than the United States. However, it’s home to one of the world’s seven natural wonders, Victoria Falls. It is a nation filled with so much beauty and natural resource, but has a struggling economy due to a dictatorship spanning over 3 decades, which has sadly destroyed much of what Sean grew to love about the country.

Growing up in a third-world country, Sean learned very early to be resourceful. This has played a major role in both his personal and professional lives. Leaving home when he was 19, Sean moved to a small town outside of London, England for a few months before moving to the US (Texas actually) to study.

While in Texas, Sean received his degree in Multimedia Technology with a focus on video/film production. While studying on a student visa and unable to work, Sean continued to use and further grow his skills of being resourceful and creative to make a living, as things were still quite tough for his parents back home in Zimbabwe. This played a huge role in him building a strong work-ethic, as well as how to always find a way to make things work. In Zimbabwe they have a saying that “Zimbos (Zimbabweans) always make a plan!”

After graduating, he started his career in the film industry in and around the Austin area before moving to Albuquerque in 2008 with his beautiful wife, Lucinda.

Sean joined the Maverick team in August of 2009, and has been running the Creative Department ever since. He wears many hats, but has a passion to use his creative skills in film-making, story-telling, and marketing to help Maverick with its own marketing efforts, as well as working closely with all of Maverick’s clients.

As Maverick’s longest-standing team member, Sean has continued to grow and develop his skills not only in a creative capacity, but also by becoming certified as a Digital Marketing Specialist in many different areas in the Online Marketing arena. His digital marketing skills make him a great asset for clients and team members alike. His attention to detail and impressive follow though skills allow him to watch over daily operations and oversee the well-being of the company in general, making him an awesome Director of Operations.

On a more personal note, Sean thanks God every day for the opportunities that he has been given, and never takes the Lord’s blessings for granted. Sean is also an avid Arizona Cardinals fan (#riseupredsea), has a passion for health & fitness, and enjoys traveling with Lucinda. With much of his family still living in Zimbabwe, Sean and Lucinda try to visit there at least every few years.

On June 20, 2019… Sean & Lucinda became the proud parents of their amazing little boy Jonah. He continues to bring so much joy into their lives, and is a constant reminder of how good God is as they waited many long years to become parents.