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Albuquerque Search Engine Optimization Company

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an amazing internet marketing strategy. However, there is a lot more to a successful SEO campaign than just getting ranked in Google. If you are not careful you could end up with disastrous results.

Why You Need To Invest in Search Engine Optimization

Google is the new phone book. More and more people are using search engines to find local businesses and make buying decisions from both desktop computers and mobile phones.

The sooner you start with search engine optimization the sooner you will get results. You must invest now so that you don’t continue to fall behind your competition.

Without an effective search engine optimization strategy you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to attract new customers, clients and patients.

SEO is branding. Search Engines provide valuable visibility, credibility, and exposure. If you’re not showing up your business will suffer from obscurity.

“97% of consumers use internet when researching local products/services”

“95% of smartphone users have looked for local information.”

It is important to know that smart phone users are changing the way we must approach Albuquerque search engine optimization. Many people are now using Siri or “Hello Google” to do voice searches to find local businesses.

As a result your business must be optimized to be found by these types of consumers as well.

Are you hiring The Right SEO Company?

  • Do they only focus on rankings?
  • Are they ignoring a vital success component of SEO?
  • Do they have your back online?
  • Will they leave you a sitting duck at the top of Google?
  • Do they promise unrealistic results?
  • Do they ignore Google’s recommendations?
Local Search Engine Optimization

Google continues to change the way that people find businesses online. With Google Local products like Google My Business, (formerly Google Places), some local businesses now get prominent placement near the top of Google in the Google Local section.


The Google Local section of a search results page is the area where Google shows (usually) 3 local businesses. You will see a business name, physical address, and phone number. You can also click to visit a company’s website. When all companies in a specific industry compete for just 3 spots, it’s important to do things right!


There are specific ways to give your business the best shot at claiming one of those coveted 3 positions. While these are very important positions, most search engine optimization companies do not focus on this area when they are doing your SEO.


This is different from traditional SEO because it is more competitive, and harder to achieve the rankings. It is also a lot more work. As a result, most SEO companies will not do any work for local search, of maybe partial work, but nowhere near enough to get the results you need.


Another important part of ranking in local search is online reviews. Many SEO companies ignore this, which means your business could be vulnerable to negative online ratings and reviews.


Businesses that show up in the local search area have a huge advantage because of their placement on Google. Google is currently displaying local results right under their own ads. This means Google sees this as very valuable digital real-estate. If Google sees it as valuable, you should too!

Organic SEO

Most Albuquerque search engine optimization companies focus on organic SEO, which are the lines of blue links when you search on Google.


Organic search is an important part of search engine optimization because some people only look in this area. This is familiar to people, who have trusted these results on Google for years.


Organic search results are achieved by a 2 part SEO process, onsite optimization and offsite optimization. These 2 parts must both be worked on to be successful.  Unfortunately, a lot of SEO companies only focus on the offsite portion for their clients.


Onsite optimization deals the website coding: the way the site is structured, the placement of keywords, the way pages link to each other; as well as content of the site. Does the content have enough words, are keywords used appropriately, how many keywords, etc.


Offsite optimization is creating links that point back to the website. In Google’s eyes, links to a website give the site more “credibility,” and as the site gets more popular it will move up in the search engines. Shady SEO companies utilize this to get faster rankings.


Unfortunately, abusing this part of SEO could get your site blacklisted on Google. This is why we teach companies not to hire inexperienced or “fly by night” SEO companies.  Once your domain gets a penalty from Google it can become VERY costly to fix, usually by starting over with a new domain.


Organic search will bring you very qualified traffic, and is an important part of Albuquerque search engine optimization. Just remember how important it is to use local search also.

Social Search and Recommendations

Social media is adding another dynamic to search engine optimization. With people now using Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other social media sites to find local businesses this should at least be part of an SEO discussion.


Now you may be thinking…Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are not search engines. But they really are. Millions of people each day are ditching Google and using social media sites to find local businesses.


Also, Facebook now has a recommendations feature where someone can ask their friends and families of local business recommendations. This is too important to ignore.


Many Albuquerque search engine optimization companies simply do not offer services or even give advice on how to position your business to benefit from this newer trend.


Depending on your audience, your business, and the goals of your online marketing, it may be very beneficial to have a social search strategy for your company.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is an often-overlooked online marketing strategy by most SEO companies. Usually Albuquerque SEO companies focus only on getting your website to rank in search engines like Google.


We could debate the true meaning of search engine marketing all day long, but for us it is the ability to get other internet properties that help your business’s ranking in the search engines.


A great example of this is ranking videos in Google. We are one of the only companies that do Video SEO. The ability to shoot a YouTube video and get it ranking not only in YouTube, but also in Google instantly gives you a huge advantage over your competition.


A lot of times it is easier and faster to rank content from other websites while you are waiting on your own website to rank. The results at the end of the day are that you have multiple properties ranking in Google and driving qualified traffic to your business.

Important Information About Successful SEO Strategies:

  • Remember not everyone can be #1 in Google
  • Not all SEO companies include “Local Search”
  • Many Search companies only focus on “organic results,” this is not enough
  • Many SEO companies do not charge enough money to do a good job
  • When it comes to Albuquerque search engine optimization, you get what you pay for
  • Do you have a proper expectation about the time it takes to have success?

The 2 Most Important Parts Of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization


TRAFFIC: In order to be successful online and to get more customers, clients, or patients you must have the right type of traffic (people) coming to your website. You want to ensure that by doing SEO you can get enough qualified traffic that it makes the investment worth it.

CONVERSION: The next element of a successful SEO campaign is conversion. Most SEO companies do not help with conversion and this is a major problem. If you have enough traffic coming to your site but that traffic is not converting (turning into customers), then you are losing money.


Extensive Keyword Research

Identifying “buyer intent keywords” to make sure that search engine optimization will produce results for your business.

Conversion Optimization

Knowing how to convert traffic into customers, clients, and patients is vital to a successful SEO plan.

Advanced Reporting

Private online portal to see all your vital SEO and website stats from your smart phone 24 hours a day.

Search Engine Marketing

We go beyond your website and “partner with giants” to rank additional content, websites, and videos.

Organic Search

Both onsite and offsite optimization, so that your website will rank higher in Google and other search engines bringing you valuable traffic.

Local Search

Ranking in Google Local is vital to long term success with Albuquerque SEO. Local search is not just an afterthought with us.

Google My Business

We know how to properly optimize your GMB property to help you gain valuable positioning and traffic within Google Local Search.

Website Analytics

We go beyond Google Analytics to provide insightful website data so we can make the right marketing decisions based on facts.

Video SEO

Most businesses are not taking advantage of the ability to have YouTube videos ranking in both YouTube and in Google. We specialize in video SEO to help you control more search engine real-estate and to stand out in search engines with a video thumbnail.

Conversion Optimization

If you are not properly monetizing the traffic coming from search engine optimization, you are not taking full advantage of your investment. With conversion optimization funnels, we are able to maximize your website visitors value so you can make more money.

Our SEO Portfolio

Unfortunately, Not Everyone Qualifies to Work with Maverick…

We would love to help every business that comes in the door with their Albuquerque search engine optimization or SEO. But if you are looking for the cheapest SEO company possible, we are not the company to work with. We refuse to provide businesses with poor marketing materials or lack of results.

However, if you are willing to invest in your search engine optimization and your business is in a position to handle the results, then working with Maverick may be possible. We would love to earn your search engine optimization business if we both feel it is a good fit.



Having Your Business Showcased At The Top Of Search Engines Can Be A Game Changer For Your Bottom Line

By partnering with Maverick you can finally have a trusted partner to help you with your Albuquerque search engine optimization so that you can benefit from search traffic and increase your revenue from online marketing. 


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long will it take to see results from SEO?

At Maverick we always strive to offer realistic expectations to our clients. When it comes to timeframes for SEO results there are many variables that factor into an honest answer.

Each site is different and each business category on Google is unique. There are terms that are not very competitive and there are terms that are highly competitive. In order to give you a specific answer we would encourage you to contact us.

Google themselves say it can take up to 6 months to see any results from SEO. This is a general statement. We typically will tell most clients that they should expect a couple of months to see any meaningful results. However, we are able to start showing the seo work we are doing and the efforts right away.

It is important that SEO companies are giving accurate timeframes. Most companies over promise and severely under deliver when it comes to SEO. It is also important that you have a website traffic plan in place that will be working as your SEO marketing ramps up.

If you are interested in what it takes to rank your business and to better understand what you are up against, we encourage you to contact us.

Is SEO the best thing for my business to invest in online?

Many SEO companies will tell you that you have to do SEO once your website is built to get any traffic. While this statement used to be true, that is not the case any longer.

For some businesses SEO is the first thing they should do. For others there may be better and more effective ways to market their website instead of SEO. Things like social media marketing, paid search, social media advertising…..each situation is different.

This is why we tell businesses to be very wary of cookie cutter internet marketing packages and people who only do SEO. It is vital that the SEO expert that you might work with is willing to tell you the truth even if it means not being able to win your business.

At Maverick we only work with clients that we believe will get results from our efforts. Therefore, we have no problem having the hard conversations around SEO. While we would love to earn your SEO business we certainly don’t need it to survive. This means we are willing you the truth around SEO, unfortunately not every one does.

If you are interested in an honest assessment of what is a logical next step for your internet marketing we encourage you to contact us.