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Albuquerque Web Video Production & Marketing

It’s Simple. Video Helps People Know You, Like You & Trust You…And All This Increases Your Credibility, Trust and Engagement Online.

Incorporating video into your online marketing will help you get more customers, clients & patients from the internet!

Grow Your Business With Online Videos

Video content on social media sites like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram will enhance all your social media marketing efforts.

Videos can be ranked in search engines. This brings you valuable visibility and exposure that your competition does not have.

Educating website visitors with video will keep them on your site longer and will greatly increase your online conversions.

Weaving video into your online marketing will help you become a trusted industry expert increasing your leads, sales and profits.

Implementing Web Video Is A Must If You Want Greater Results From Your Online Marketing.

How important is video in your online marketing?

Well, we believe it is important enough that we built out a full web video production and marketing studio in our offices. By having a studio on-site, it allows our clients the ability to quickly create high quality and cost effective videos to be used for their online marketing.

a video production set with a big green screen, in the center of the room is a chair with a clapperboard, there is also a small microphone above the chair, behind the production set are chairs, table, a TV and a camera.

a video production at the center of the room is a wooden table, just above the table is a small microphone, behind the table is a TV with the Maverick Web Marketing displayed to it, behind the set are table with a clapperboard, a chair, another TV, camera and some lightings.

Our Web Video Studio

Our studio is where we have shot and produced over 625 episodes of our daily Web TV show The Maverick Minute and thousands of other videos for ourselves and our clients. We also shoot and produce live broadcast shows right from our studio that reach people all over the world.

“The Ability To Have Access to our studio and our marketing experts to help you create the content has been game changer for many businesses.”

In fact, many people people actually fly in to work with us on videos so they can get access to our experts, our studio, and our great video production. They find that with our pricing and our knowledge they actually save money by flying in to get the job done right the first time.

Client Reviews

a man wearing a complete uniform, the uniform is color black and has a gold buttons and logos attached to it, behind him is the american flag and a blue silky cloth as a background.

Steven Simpson

Maverick has been very instrumental in the success of our business. They have taken our visibility and outreach to a level that I didn’t think was possible! From website development to video production, we would absolutely not be where we are at without them. We owe a major facet of our success to Maverick. They have our absolute highest recommendation possible. Thank you Maverick to paving our road to success! Steven Simpson, President, Total Asset Managers LLC.

a bald american man wearing a black suit, a blue under polo and a red tie.

David Crum

“Mike and the gang at Maverick handle all of the Facebook and video marketing for our law firm, New Mexico Legal Group. Not only great services and products, but really fun people to work with. Keep up the great work guys!”

a woman with a short full white hair smiling at the camera, she's wearing a silver earrings and a blue shirt, behind her are different flowers and colors.

Nancy Alexander

We filmed some instructional, how-to videos in my studio. I wanted these videos to really look professional. They needed an introduction and several other elements throughout. I am amazed that they look so professional! Maverick Web Marketing did an excellent job and I look forward to using them again!

an american man wearing a black suit with a white polo underneath the suit, behind him are some leaves and branches of a tree.

Marshall LeMoine

Shot more than 200 videos over 4 days with Maverick Web Marketing, and everything turned out great. Michael, Sean and the rest of the staff with very helpful and true professionals. Thanks for all your hard work and time!

an asian man smiling at the camera wearing a checkered shirt, behind him are picture frames and a cabinet.

Mike Wong

We went to film videos and working with the team was awesome. Long hours, making sure things were perfect…. definitely made it worth our trip! Great guys.

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Website Marketing Videos

The proper use of video on a website can dramatically increase its effectiveness. In fact the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Video on the homepage of your website helps people know you, like you and trust you.


When it comes to the internal pages of your site you should have a video for each page. Using video on the internal pages of your website allows you to speak to your visitors more in-depth on the topic they are interested in. Also, using video on the inside pages of your website will help you increase conversions for your products and services.


Videos on your website also help you stand out because you have better content then your competition. By using video and keeping people on your site longer you are also going to help your search engine optimization because search engines will see your site as more engaging then the other sites in your industry.

Social Media Videos

The single most engaging and important strategy in content marketing today is video. Facebook alone is generating 8 billion video views per day, while more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.


But with social media videos, it’s not just all about views, but creating traffic and conversion for your business as well. Here are a few other stats: 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 is projected to come from video and 72% of businesses who use video say it has increased website conversion rates.


Different Social Media platforms work for different companies and can deliver on a number of marketing objectives. The great thing about Albuquerque web video marketing, when done right, is that you can shoot a video once and repurpose that content across all the different social media channels. This provides you amazing leverage and sharable content for your social media.

Video for Website

Did you know the chances of getting a page 1 listing on Google search increases by 53 times with video? Albuquerque web video marketing is a strategy that every business, organization and individual should be using.


The ability to get visibility and exposure by uploading a video to YouTube (which is owned by Google) is often overlooked as an internet marketing strategy. This is a shame because if done right you can even get YouTube videos to rank in Google!


We have had many clients who have been paying an SEO company with little to no results to show for it. We help them produce some web videos, and then we implement our video marketing strategy for them. Often times we are able to rank the videos in Google and bring them valuable visibility and exposure.


What’s more is that by using video to rank in search we can strengthen any Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan because it gives the ability to have multiple pieces of content ranking. This allows clients to dominate the search results and sometimes gives them 2x-5x more content on page 1 than their competition!

Drone Videography

Drone videography is taking the world by storm. It is the next “cool” trend in video and technology, and because it’s still so relatively new to local businesses, having drone videos on your website or as part of your Albuquerque web video marketing provides a huge opportunity to stand out from your competition.


Your business’ videos can have a cutting-edge look and feel with the use of amazing Drone Footage.


A great thing about using Drone Videography in Albuquerque, if done right, is that some studies shown an increase of 403% rise in inquiries for some businesses. By using aerial footage, you can showcase perspectives of your business in ways that no-one has seen before.


There are a lot of people and organizations offering Albuquerque NM Drone Videography services. Before hiring any of them, be sure you know that they have the proper credentials. Maverick Web Marketing is FAA approved and Part 107 Licensed, and operates some of the best Drone Equipment available.

Why Video Must Be Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy

  • Video is 1 of 3 ways adults learn & consume content online
  • Using online video helps generate traffic to your website
  • Video is a key component of online conversions
  • Most successful online marketing campaigns include video
  • Video helps you stand out from your competition

“Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.”

At Maverick we have scripted, shot and produced thousands of web marketing videos for businesses, organizations and individuals in both Albuquerque and around the country. The reason we use video is simple, it works!

an animated picture of a computer monitor displaying a search bar and a video play button.

Website Videos

Most websites are not using video. As we said before the proper use of video on a website can dramatically increase its effectiveness.

Social Media Videos

The single most engaging and underutilized strategy in social media marketing today is video. Video will get you the best results.

a white computer displaying some graphs in its monitor, beside the computer are the mouse, blue study light and a pencil.

Video SEO

The chances of getting a page 1 listing on Google search increases by 53 times with video? Every business should be using video marketing.

a white animated drone, its carrying a small camera below it, there is also a phone underneath the drone.

Drone Videography

Project a cutting-edge look and feel with the use of amazing Drone Footage. Showcase your business in ways that no-one has seen before.

an animated laptop displaying a camera with boxes behind it with different colors, outside the laptop monitor are four golden dollar coins.

Funnel Videos

Using online video throughout your sales funnels or in your sales process will increase conversions and result in more revenue for your business.

an animated computer screen displaying some kind of circle graph with metrics in different colors, at the top of the monitor of the screen is a target board and a blue camera.

Animation Videos

Animation and explainer videos can help your business tell a story in an engaging way. The best part is you don’t have to be on camera!

a black clapperboard with blue square at the center, there is also a white play button at the center of the square.

Youtube Videos

Youtube is the second largest search engine. Every business should have videos on YouTube to help educate consumers and to drive traffic.

a light blue camera with two tapes above it, the tapes are attached to an orange bridge.

Live Broadcasts

Live video broadcasts are a great way to position your business as an industry leader. This unique strategy can explode your business online.

A Small Sample of Web Marketing Videos We Have Created

Unfortunately, Not Everyone Qualifies to Work with Maverick…

We would love to help every business that comes in the door with their Albuquerque web video production and marketing. However, if you are looking for the cheapest Albuquerque web video production company possible, we are not the company to work with. We refuse to provide businesses with poor marketing materials.

However, if you are willing to invest into this process and want to make your web videos into a true marketing asset, then working with Maverick may be possible. We would love to earn your Albuquerque web video marketing and production business if we both feel it is a good fit.



“Properly Done Online Video Is A Key Part Of Successful Internet Marketing Strategies…Don’t Leave Your Albuquerque Web Video Production and Marketing to Chance!”

Let us help you create web videos for your website and your online marketing that will establish you as the industry expert, drive more traffic, and help you convert more people into customers, clients and patients!


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I want to do web video, but do I have to be the one on camera?

It really depends on the situation and your business, however most of the time we will recommend against a paid spokesperson or hired talent. When it comes to Albuquerque web video we are not just filming a commercial, we are creating content. As experts in your business (either the owner or trusted team members) you bring credibility and trust to videos that is hard to replicate with paid actors. Additionally, we use video to help our clients become industry leaders because of the expert positioning we create. We have found that using paid actors does not accomplish this as well.

The good news is that our team at Maverick specialize in taking “normal people” and helping them do great in video. Our owner used to be a firefighter with no video experience and now has shot thousands of videos. He was able to do this because we make video easy to the average person. We can do the same for you.

Additionally, there are many effective types of videos that can be created without having to have someone on camera. Animation or explainer type videos along with video sales letters are great ways to create video content if someone does not want to be on camera. Don’t let the reflection you see in the mirror stop you from creating great online video. We can help you!

Can’t I just shoot web video on my cell phone?

Yes, you absolutely can shoot web video on your cell phone. We actually recommend that as a content creation strategy.

However, there is much more to good online marketing videos then just “having a video.” You must know the purpose of the video and how to effectively “speak” to your audience. What you say and how you present information is very important.

At Maverick our certified digital marketing experts guide our clients by telling them what web videos they need and helping them with scripting and positioning to ensure the videos will be effective.

Additionally, we have the right equipment to make the video look great. Since online video is the first impression people get of your company it must instill confidence and trust. If your video does not look good you are losing out on the power that video can bring.

Lastly, we have professional video editors whose job it is to make you and your company look good. These guys know how to edit a video to sell online. This is a huge piece of a successful Albuquerque web video marketing campaign.

Because of the power of online video this is not an area of your marketing that you can afford to be “cheap” with. You’ve heard the saying that you get what you pay for and with video this could not be more true.