Enhancing the Audio-Video Features of Marketing Videos

Most business owners do not realize the incredible marketing tool that they are walking around with each day in their pocket. It is very convenient to pull out their mobile phone and record a quick video that would help showcase their business—a customer testimonial, perhaps. However, they tend to focus too much on video quality, and they forget about the audio-video level.

For your marketing video to have professional appeal, you don’t just need to have a high-quality video; you need to have excellent sound quality too. Don’t take the audio aspect of your video for granted. Bad audio is as distracting as poor video quality, or maybe even worse. It degrades the quality of your otherwise great promotional video.

Maverick Web Marketing will show you how you can improve the audio-video standards for online marketing.

1. Create a suitable environment

First off, you need to ensure that you are in a suitable environment to get rid of unwanted background noise like birds chirping, cars moving or lots of people talking. You wouldn’t want to keep on repeating good takes during your interview just because someone in the background yelled or opened a creaky door. The more controlled the environment, the better.

2. Be aware of ambient sound

Remember that when recording, every little sound can easily be picked up— the lights flickering, the crumpling of paper, or your computer fan. You may not be aware of these ambient noises while you are recording, but the microphone can pick them up, and they make for some very distracting background noise.

3. Invest in a decent external microphone

A decent external microphone can save you from lots of audio mishaps. In choosing an external mic, opt for one that is unidirectional—it records sound from only one direction and can focus specifically on the voice of the person who is speaking. This way, the effect of ambient noise can be minimized. Make sure that the mic is compatible with the camera or smartphone that you are using, also.

Maverick Web Video Marketing Production

Knowing these three tips, you can improve the audio-video quality and effectiveness of your marketing videos. Most business owners don’t understand the power of great videos in their marketing. Call or contact us today to explode your marketing using online video.