Albuquerque NM Website Marketing Tip – “Upper Right Big and Bright”

If you’re not getting enough calls from your Albuquerque website marketing, chances are there could be something wrong with your website. Go to your homepage right now and locate your business phone number.

Were you able to spot it right away, or did you have to dig through a couple of pages before you found it?

Ideally, you should have been able to locate your phone number in no more than 3 seconds. People tend to get discouraged if they can’t find what they are looking for right away and they just leave your website.

Don’t play hide and seek with your phone number on your site. This tip is an important rule for marketing your services, especially if you have a local business. One potential reason why you are not generating enough phone calls online might be because you’re missing a very simple Albuquerque website design and marketing technique.

Upper Right Big and Bright

The trick to driving more calls to your business is simple. Just deliberately display your phone number for everyone to see. Here is how you can do it effectively:

1. Make it bold.

At Maverick Albuquerque website marketing, we have a rule that we call “upper right, big and bright.” This strategy means that you have to place your phone number in the top right-hand corner of your website, where it can be easily spotted. Make it big and bright, so your potential customers, clients, or patients will notice it.

2. Show it on top of all your pages.

Next, display your phone number on all your pages, not just on your homepage or contact us page. Visitors might have landed on a different page of your website. Maybe they are browsing and digging for more information about your services. You and I do not know what page they will be on when they made the decision to contact you. So give them access to your phone number on every page of your website! Again, don’t play hide and seek with your phone number.

3. Make sure it works on your mobile site.

Finally, you need to make sure that your number is also correctly displayed on the mobile version of your website. Statistics show in many industries that there are more mobile users than desktop users. So you have to make sure your website and phone number show up great on mobile phones and tablets. More costumer, clients, and patients tend to rely on their smartphones when looking for local businesses nowadays. They are actively looking for your phone number. Always check your phone to see what your website looks like on mobile and make sure your phone number is displayed prominently there. And make sure that number is click-to-call on mobile too!

Albuquerque Website Marketing and Services

Now that you have discovered how actually to drive more calls to your business, you can start implementing these Albuquerque website marketing tips on your website. This little tweak can help you drive more phone calls right away! Remember, “upper right, big and bright!”

If you don’t feel like your website is doing as well as it should be online, or if you feel like your digital marketing strategy is incomplete, contact us today at 505-796-8585.